Etèrna is a certified organic cosmetics brand made in Italy. The product lines are characterized by the strong presence of high efficiency and high quality natural active ingredients from certified organic farming. The formulation and the high production standard are the result of thirty years of experience in Natural Cosmetics. Etèrna is the right synergy: it combines the attention, details and flexibility of artisanal preparation with those of a certified production with a high technological profile.


Etèrna is the line of cosmetic products characterized by the presence of high efficiency and high quality natural active ingredients from certified organic farming.
We are looking for the most effective active ingredients and the purest raw materials, to constantly improve our cosmetics.


In the formulations, we use natural products such as Integral Virgin Aloe Vera Gel, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax and Propolis, Baobab Oil, Argan Oil, plant extracts of Peppermint, Helichrysum and Mallow, Rice Water and Oil, Jojoba Oil, Red Maple Syrup, Sicilian Oranges and other certified ingredients.


 The safety of using a product that does not contain parabens, glycerin, mineral oils, sulfites or any other chemical deemed harmful.
Where the product requires mainly synthetic functional substances, Etèrna replaces them with active ingredients of natural and possibly biological derivation.

  1. ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Instead of preservatives of synthetic origin, with antibacterial properties, but with high allergenic power (noni, parabens, methylisothiazoles), we only use food preservatives: sorbic acid and potassium sorbate. To plant extracts with propylene glycol, used for most of the products on the market, we prefer to use organic aqueous plant extracts (burdock, peppermint) produced directly in our laboratory such as aloe vera gel.
  2. SAFE FOR THE SKIN - Our cosmetics are made without added salt and we only use decylglucoside (surfactant derived from glucose), without any trace of Cocamide DEA and MEA with the possibility of free amines, dangerous for our health. Selection of fragrances and raw materials, organic active ingredients (used in very high percentages compared to the products on the market) fresh and extracted as needed that guarantee high efficacy and hypoallergenic treatments that guarantee and seal exceptional quality in every single product.
  3. ATTENTION TO OUR PLANET - Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging (biodegradable over 90%), which minimizes bacterial contamination. For your safety, in order not to pollute the contained product, we use containers for food products. Free of sequestrants (EDTA) that favor the eutrophication of surface waters and non-degradable cationic surfactants.
  4. VEGAN READY - Our products do not contain raw materials of animal origin and are not tested on animals.

Prodotti Etèrna


Etèrna Soft Surgery


Balance is the true essence of ETÈRNA, the right harmony between Nature, technology, science and elegance. A synergy that led us to develop the Natural Soft Surgery line, all made up of certified natural and organic raw materials. Our laboratories have conceived unique formulations, with very high efficiency with perceptible results already after a few days.

Etèrna Natural Skin Care


Only natural or naturally derived raw materials, organic and treated according to strict purity criteria. We obtain all the active ingredients for our well-being from Nature.
Better and better results: a growth process between Nature and technology.
We obtain increasingly performing products towards levels of pharmaceutical excellence.


COSMOS (International Standard of Organic and Natural Cosmetics) is an international standard for organic cosmetics born in 2009, developed by the 5 main European certification bodies of natural and organic cosmetics.

The COSMOS specification is based on the use of natural and organic ingredients and on compliance with production standards with the lowest possible environmental impact, which do not damage the health of humans, animals and the surrounding environment.

COSMOS establishes what are the requirements to be respected so that a cosmetic can be defined as organic and natural. Its goal is the application of the principles of sustainable development throughout the cosmetics supply chain.

  • the obligation to clearly list on the package the sum (in percentage) of organic and natural products;
  • at least 20% organic ingredients
  • at least 95% of the agricultural ingredients transformed by physical processes (PPAI) must be organic;
  • at least 98% of the total ingredients must be of natural origin;
  • all ingredients transformed by chemical processes must be organic.

Each product of the Etèrna line is guaranteed by these precise rules.
We respect nature, taking care to produce with a very low environmental impact, and we respect the consumer by offering him a natural product guaranteed by the highest international standards.

Etèrna Cosmetics

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